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News From the Front

the Chariot, the Hermit, and the Devil

Ichigo Kurosaki
15 July 1985
Reial airspace
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[[IC journal for Ichigo Kurosaki for theskytides

Canon Character and Series: Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach

In-Game Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Position & Ship: The Winding Way, independent pilot, Radio Ops

Appearance: Ichigo is tall, with fiery orange hair and a permanent scowl. His brown eyes are almost always narrowed in either anger, boredom or annoyance. His features are angular and sharp, but could be handsome depending on your tastes. His hair is cut pretty short except for in the back, where it's pulled into a small ponytail that doesn't even go past the base of his neck. His build is fairly slim, but it's broadened a little since his teens and he's built some decent muscle thanks to years of grunt work and fighting. He likes tight clothes that don't get in the way of fighting, but needs something he can move around freely in. He wears a black jacket made of tough, practical leather that provides some protection from the elements when he's in his plane. It's lined with red on the inside, fastens at his lower chest, and goes down to his boots, but the bottom is frayed and ragged. Under this is a vest made of similar material but a bit thicker. This serves as lightweight pseudo-armor. The white linen shirt below is well-worn but clean, tucked into brown pants. He wears his goggles on his forehead when he's not flying, and has a set of magnifying glasses that he clips to them when working on his plane.

Personality: Ichigo is difficult to get along with. Hot-tempered and prone to violence, Ichigo hates to back down, and is extremely stubborn, not to mention very headstrong. He'll follow the rules, as long as they're not stupid rules. (If they are, he has no qualms whatsoever about breaking them.) His tendency to start fights and his general disregard for anything he didn't respect labeled him as a punk and a troublemaker during school, which meant paranoid scrutiny from his teachers. Ichigo found, though, that if he worked hard to keep his grades up, it meant less grief all around. He focused on schoolwork and helping out in the clinic, and as such, skipped out on a lot of social activities. He didn't like people in general much, anyways, apart from four or five friends of varying closeness. Those he is close to, however, have gained a powerful ally who will easily put his life on the line to give them a hand. Few people know this; Ichigo works hard at creating an image that says, "I don't give a damn what you think," which is a paradox in itself.
Beneath this prickly exterior is an older brother to the core. He has a strong drive to protect people, although the details are admittedly a little fuzzy. Ichigo cares much more than he lets on, and although he pretends he wouldn't, Ichigo would go out of his way to help someone who needed it in a heartbeat. He loves his sisters deeply and would take out anyone who messed with them in a heartbeat. The same goes for friends and anyone who he thinks needs to be protected. What about an object of romantic interest, you say? That's pretty much out of the question for Ichigo. Even at 22, he's very awkward when it comes to sex. His first reaction to a naked woman is to spin around, go bright red, and yell for her to put some clothes on, doesn't she have any decency?! He's seen romance as a waste of time. Ichigo has no problem with women - one of his best friends growing up was female (and kicked his ass in swordfights every time) - but has never been romantically attracted to anyone. The possibility simply never crossed his mind, not when there was work to be done, fights to be fought, monsters to be killed, and lives to be saved. Most girls were scared away by his attitude, anyway, and even if someone was interested in him, Ichigo would never notice.

Abilities/Weapons: When in the sky, Ichigo flies an old fighter plane from his last ship that he calls Zangetsu, which belonged to an older, now-deceased man. He's a talented pilot, and improves greatly with every life-or-death dogfight he survives. When out of the sky, whether on the ground or in a ship, Ichigo's weapon of choice resembles nothing more than a giant meat cleaver. It is, however, a sword - strangely shaped, as long as he is tall, single-bladed, without a guard of any kind. A long strip of cloth wrapped around the hilt serves as its only grip. Ichigo is tight-lipped about where he acquired this weapon; he dismisses it as "a long story. Ain'tcha got something better to do?" ***This is because the details are a little hazy. He trained under a man named Kisuke Urahara on his last ship, who did something weird with mana crystals that felt like an acid trip. One of Ichigo’s few clear memories of that time is of standing on the side of a building, until the world righted itself and he fell as the world dissolved…. Somehow, though, he got his sword after that: a sword that can cut ghosts and other supernatural/spirit/de-solid creatures.
Unfortunately, as a side effect of that particular training method, a monster was created inside his soul, a monster of the dead variety called a “hollow.” Its natural appearance is that of a lizard-dinosaur-looking thing with a mask over its face and long red hair, but when in Ichigo’s soul, it takes on a human look: white, with white hair and white clothes, but its eyes are solid black with yellow irises, and a blue tongue. It is crazy and sadistic, living for battle and bloodshed, and always hungry. Right now, it’s weak, as its strength grows in proportion to Ichigo’s, but it could become a problem in the future, especially as it sees Ichigo’s body as something that should be controlled by it, rather than Ichigo. Ichigo himself is oblivious to its presence, something that will change if he continues to get stronger.... Right now, the hollow doesn't really do anything, besides give Ichigo mysterious chest pain on Long Night, and occasionally, if Ichigo's life is in danger, a mask (about ten inches long and six inches across, with bared skull-like teeth, narrowed eye holes, and red stripes on the left side) will appear on Ichigo's body under his clothes and act as a temporary shield: they break easily enough, but provide just enough resistance to save his life in a pinch. But eventually, it will confront Ichigo over who gets the body, and if it takes control of Ichigo, it doubles his speed and strength. A mask, just like the others, also appears on Ichigo's face during this time. However, Ichigo loses all sense of self, and while he can regain control through sheer force of will, the hollow is less than willing to relinquish its command. *** As for abilities, Ichigo is a proficient swordsman and skilled at hand-to-hand combat as well. ***There is another ability: he doesn’t know its name yet, but it’s called the Getsuga Tenshou. Essentially, it’s a huge white crescent-shaped wave of energy. Ichigo can use it at will, but right now, it’s fairly difficult, and serves as a trump card. It's a powerful attack, with both a great deal of concussive force and a sharp cutting edge. Due to its nature as a spirit-particle attack, it's more effective against people with high spiritual energy, but against a normal human, it can be deadly, and at the very least will cause serious injury if it connects. It's less powerful than in canon, and he can't, say, split giant rocks with it, but it does some serious damage. Ichigo doesn't use it often, and especially wouldn't use it against someone who couldn't take it -- he only pulls it out if he really needs it. Getsuga Tenshou is just about the only spiritual ability Ichigo has: due to his vast amount of spiritual energy, he has terrible control over it.*** These are certainly his most impressive skills, but he's got plenty of potential to grow. He learns new things very quickly, especially through firsthand experience. Thanks to growing up in a clinic, Ichigo has a more than basic knowledge of first aid, although he is far from a certified medic. Finally, his most unusual talent is a lifelong ability to see ghosts. It caused him some trouble as a child, although when he discovered Karin could see them too, the whole story came out. He doesn't like to talk about it, because it draws unnecessary attention to him, and people asking if he can see some dead person or other who's not there gets annoying real fast.

Weaknesses: Aside from being unable to remember names and faces worth a damn, Ichigo is headstrong, stubborn, and short-tempered. He's not about to take any stupid challenge that comes his way, but if you know how to get under his skin, he'll take you on with no hesitation. He's willing to take on people much stronger than himself, and will get himself into seemingly impossible fights. Another weakness would be his mother. If an enemy ever used his mother or the illusion of his mother, Ichigo would be seriously handicapped. He'd have a great deal of trouble attacking anything disguised as her, even if he knew it wasn't her. Depending on what you consider a "weakness", his bond with his sisters and others who he sees as needing to be protected could be exploited very easily. Anything doing this, though, runs a serious risk of simply pissing Ichigo off and earning a beatdown.Ichigo is usually very sure of himself. However, if he fails to protect someone, or simply isn't strong enough, he might lose his confidence. This is a very bad thing, because half of the reason he can pull all of the crazy stunts he does is because he believes he can do it. In this state, it'll take a friendly asskicking to get his mind back where it needs to be. Finally, to anyone who can sense life energy, Ichigo's is impossible to hide. It's off the charts and acts like a beacon saying "TASTY SPIRIT HERE" with a giant flashing neon arrow.

History: Ichigo was born and raised in Melior. His father ran a family-owned clinic that struggled to compete with the universities. Life was far from easy, but as long as his mother Masaki was there, everyone was happy. Then, a monster attacked her and Ichigo while they were out walking. Masaki died protecting Ichigo, who blames himself for her death. Since then, he's devoted himself to fighting monsters and protecting everyone within reach. When he was 17, he left home to join up on board a freelance mercenary ship dedicated to stopping monster attacks. There, he received flight training and eventually his own plane. He also honed his ground-combat skills. He didn't intend to make many friends, but formed bonds with several teammates anyway, not to mention an older man who acted as a mentor to him in his early weeks. Ichigo never learned his name, but the man turned Ichigo from a wet-behind-the-ears rookie to a skilled fighter. However, he died a few months afterward, and Ichigo inherited his fighter plane, Zangetsu. Within the last week, however, the shifting political climate had an explosive impact on Ichigo's life - bombs were planted on his ship. Seeing that it couldn't be saved, Ichigo grabbed the first few people he could find without planes of their own and jumped ship on Zangetsu. He deeply regrets not being able to save those who didn't make it off the ship, and lost more than one comrade in the blasts. He dropped off his passengers, then took off for the nearest city. He's looking for a new ship to ride, preferably one with a decent cause, but definitely not a military ship for either side. He doesn't want to get involved with the higher conflict - what matters most to him is reducing the damage to the people below. He wants to protect as many people as he can, and even more than that. Let the high-ups do whatever they want.
beating down monsters, flying, mechanics, radio